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Bert Hull

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About Me

Knoxville Engineered Home Inspections, LLC is owned and operated by Bert Hull. He earned degrees in both Mechanical Engineering and Sports Management from Clemson University in the 1990’s. He has worked in design and new residential construction as well as renovation/remodeling projects. He started North Claiborne Inspection Service (NCIS) in 2012 to serve an unmet need in Claiborne County TN where there were no licensed home inspectors within 50 miles. In 2018 he relocated to Knoxville, TN and started Knoxville Engineered Home Inspections, LLC. Bert developed a process of home inspection based on his education in structures, energy transfer and mechanical systems to provide his clients with Engineered Home Inspections™ that go beyond the level of detail and completeness of a common home inspection. Incorporating the latest high tech tools and building science concepts, his Engineered Home Inspections™ are the pinnacle of the industry and are trusted by home buyers and real estate professionals to provide peace of mind that he will identify any major issues, safety concerns, and also a list of deferred maintenance items that will need attention now or in the near future. In his spare time Bert enjoys endurance sports like cycling and running, playing music, traveling with his wife Stephanie in search of great food, and teaching stupid tricks to their dog, Moxie.


Modern Tools

I use all of the latest tools and equipment to provide you with fully comprehensive home inspections. From infrared imaging to moisture testing, Electrical testers and more, I use the latest technology to ensure I leave no stone unturned during the inspection process.

Easy-to-read Report

An HTML and PDF report that gives you the information you need to make informed decisions.

Certified Experience

Ultimately, a thorough home inspection depends heavily on experience and attention to detail. With KEHI, you are getting a Certified Professional Inspector who understands the commitment you are about to make. When you hire me to inspect your new home, I guarantee that I will take the same care as if it was my own home.

Competitive Pricing

I know that the process of buying a home or listing your home can be costly. That’s why I do my best to keep prices down, and value up. KEHI may be slightly more expensive than our competitors but the value is actually better when you factor in the level of services we provide with our standard Engineered Home Inspections™ .

20 Years Experience

I have been in the renovation and residential construction industry for over 20 years. Thanks to my deep knowledge of home maintenance, local codes, repair prices and more, you can be sure that you’ll get an accurate assessment of your property’s condition.

Follow-up Support

When you work with me, I guarantee that you’ll be satisfied with my service. I am always happy to answer your questions and concerns, and I do my best to respond to you as soon as I can, even after hours or on the weekends.